Pau-Ferro (ironwood) (Caesalpinia leiostachya) or Cabiúna, Cabiúna-Vermelha, Caviúna, Caviúna-Rajada, Jacarandá-Caviúna, Jacarandá-da-Caatinga. The popular name Pau-Ferro is used for several trees in Brazil:

* Astronium graveolens
* Caesalpinia ferrea
* Caesalpinia leiostachya
* Caesalpinia paraguariensis
* Connarus suberosus
* Machaerium sideroxylon
* Latifolia Zollernia

It is a large tree originating in Brazil, found in Atlantic Forest biome along the coast.

The wood of the Pau Ferro is very hard and is considered the “ebony”. Moderately heavy, light red color, fine texture, and straight grain, with indistinct taste and smell nice. Pau Ferro is very durable, highly resistant to fungi. Used in construction the wood of Pau Ferro can be used in construction and light domestic frames, in the manufacture of high-quality furniture, flooring, transport, veneer and plywood, power tools and utensils, containers and pallets,  decoration and adornment. Also much used in the manufacture of guitars and violins.