Cedro-Arana or Cedrão

Cedro-Arana or Cedrão (Cedrelinga catenaeformis), Bandarra, Cedrarana, Cedrilho, Cedro-agono, Cedro-aguano, Cedro-alagoano, Cedro-amazonense, Cedro-branco, Cedromara, Cedrorama, Cedro-urana, Mara, Mara-branca, Taperibá-açu.

It occurs in damp places and in forests of high land in the states of Amazon. Moderately easy to saw, plane, screw, and nail. Moderately resistant to fungi and insects. Carpentry, general carpentry, construction and shipbuilding, pulp and paper, cheap furniture, crates, floors, walls, trucks, boats, plywood, laminates, crates and more.