Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most famous places in the world for its sceneries and sightseeing places. Regardless of that, it´s a chaotic town with major problems regarding traffic, living, infrastructure, and safety.

Rio de Janeiro is made up of two distinct areas: a plain, and a plateau, which is disposed in parallel fashion from the shoreline inland. Its climate is considered to be tropical.

Rio de Janeiro area is in the Mata Atlântica biome, and its topography comprises both mountains and plains, located between the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. There are prominent slopes near the ocean, featuring also diverse environments, such as lowland vegetation, bays, lagoons, and tropical forests. Rio de Janeiro has the third-longest coastline in the country, extending 635 kilometers, with several beaches. Most famous beach in the city is Ipanema, and others as Leblon and Copacabana.