Macaco-prego (Cebus apella) inhabits the Amazon, Atlantic Forest and other regions in Brazil.It is an omnivorous animal, mostly feeding on fruits and invertebrates, although it sometimes feeds on small vertebrates and other plant parts. It can be found in moist tropical and subtropical forest, dry forest, and disturbed or secondary forest. Like other capuchins, Macaco-prego is a social animal, forming groups of 8 to 15 individuals that are led by an alpha or dominant male. The Macaco-prego is more powerfully built than the other capuchins, with rougher fur and a short, thick tail. It has a bundle of long, hardened hair on the forehead that can be raised as a sort of “wig”.  The hands and feet are black. The tail is strong and can be used as a grasping tail. The Macaco-prego has a length of up to 60 cm and tail length 50 cm, weighing up to 5 kg, with the males generally being larger and heavier than the females.