Búzios is located just two and a half hours up the Atlantic coast from Rio. Búzios has a fascinating history! Originally settled by pirates and slave traders, some of them made these Búzios beaches their home and prospered. Fishing and especially whaling became a way of life. The small village of Búzios, was born. It would stay a sleepy town for centuries. However,  in 1964 Brigitte Bardot traveled to Rio and decided to live there. Búzios is home to over twenty beaches of all types all within a few miles of each other. Búzios is a peninsula of mountains and beaches are present between almost every one of them. Beautiful people and the jet set nightlife that has transformed this Brazilian fishing village into a international beach destination. Búzios’ center is the famous Rua das Pedras, or Street of Stone. Búzios boasts fine boutiques and art galleries. At night, Búzios really comes alive with great bars and world-class restaurants. Almost any water sport is possible. Trekking and fishing are big pastimes as well. It´s also an international sailing site.